Downloads Lycoming O-360A Engine  2D drawing with top, front and side views.  ZIP file includes DWG and DXF versions in 2007 format. Anthropometric Manikins  Inventor file format only!  iMan and iMandy are 3D manikins in 1st, 5th, 25th, 50th, 75th, 90th, 95th & 99th percentile sizes.  Embedded spreadsheet changes their size (refer to Read-Me file). Bird Strike Calculator for Plexiglass  Calculates the minimum thickness of plexiglass windshields for withstanding bird strikes.  User-specified impact speed, bird mass, windshield angle and splat zone. Bolt Bearing Failure Modes  Calculates the allowable bearing load for lugs in single shear, based on bolt diameter and bearing strength of the metal.  Checks multiple failure modes. Crash Deceleration Loads  Displays G-loads for various impact speeds and deceleration distances. Engineering Weight and Balance  The Apollo’s detailed weight and balance spreadsheet.  Includes a worksheet for estimating the CG of seated humans based on body part locations. Apollo Design Poster  Performance specs, CAD renderings and feature list on two 11” X 17” sheets. Engine Mount Analysis  Documents the Apollo’s 5-point engine mount analysis.  Includes a trade study comparing 4-point and 5-point engine mount options. My Big Fat Scaled Adventure  A light-hearted look at the author’s 3 year adventure at Scaled Composites, culminating in the first flight of SpaceShipOne.  The presentation includes several videos. Optimizing Blended Winglet Radii on Homebuilt Canard Aircraft  A study on the effect of different sized radii for blended winglets.  This report focuses on the Rutan Long-EZ and derivative designs. If there is no link to the download file, that means I am working on it - check back next weekend! Site Map Email the Designer Copyright © 2012 Apollo Canard